I heart Peggy Porchen Cakes

Peggy Porchen Cakes has been at the top of the list of eating and drinking my way around London. With an utterly divine floral exterior which changes with the seasons to make your instagram followers green with envy… What’s not to love? During a wonderful sister day out to London, it was time. It was time to experience what Peggy Porchen has to offer.

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The best Chai you’ll ever Chai

So you’re probably wondering what on earth this chai is, for me to make such a bold statement. I’ve chaied (sorry, I’ll stop) a few chais in my time, but this one is just something else! I’m talking about Balaggan saffron chai tea. It blew my mind and is out of this world. There’s no other way to explain it.

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The Great British Tea Festival 2018 Roundup

Yesterday, the very first Great British Tea Festival was held in Derby (UK). It was a super event in its infancy and here’s hoping it grows even further. Unlike any tea event I’ve attended it was placed to attract a whole spectrum of tea drinkers. From those seeking something cultural to do on a Sunday afternoon to those like myself who eagerly awaited renowned speakers in the world of tea such as Jane Pettigrew.

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Tea & Coffee World Cup 2018 Best in Class

Where, oh where do I begin? The Tea & Coffee World Cup is a trade journal for those who own their own tea/coffee business or are particularly enthusiastic about the subject. This organisation hold a conference annually in the different continents. Luckily for me, this year the Europe venue was the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK on 3-5th September. It was an insightful, inclusive, innovative tea bubble.

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Ha-Pu-erh 1st birthday, Biodiversitea

So yesterday it was the first anniversary of my beloved Biodiversitea blog. I even made a point of writing it in my diary. Still, I forgot. Bad parent. 

It’s been a little while and you know why? Because life has gotten BUSY. Yet I think this bench mark has reminded me that making time to talk about tea is good for me and everybody around me and so the feedback loop continues…

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The “love of tea” gene

Happy Mother’s Day one and all! Most of us are lucky enough to have (or have had) wonderful mums who teach us all sorts of life lessons and fill us with love until our cups are overflowing. I for one believe that my love of tea has come from my mum.

That’s why yesterday, I had arranged for us both to attend afternoon tea (i.e guzzle tea and stuff our faces with cakes and finger sandwiches) at Chateau Rhianfa in North Wales. A chateau in Wales, I hear you ask? Not too sure myself. Presuming a castle built by a French person…

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