Tea and Me

I ponder for a while to justify my tea blog. With a science background, everything needs a why… right?

Well… tea for me is something I enjoy discovering. Most people nowadays like to travel as far and wide as possible. Lonely Planet guide in hand. With travelling comes the fulfilment of discovering new places. Now you’re wondering why I’m wittering on about travelling on a tea blog. For me, tea is a micro version of that feeling.

I should confess: I’m not an English Breakfast person. To some, that may come as a surprise. Why have a cherry Bakewell tart if you don’t eat the cherry and why start a tea blog if you don’t drink the mother of all teas?!

Let’s pretend my blog named is named English Breakfast Musings. If this existed (maybe it does?), your tea choice may still remain how it has been since the year dot. It’s the very reason for the blog. I wouldn’t be able to enrich your lives (too far?) with the wonderland of teas I have come to know and love. Hence, Biodiversitea.

Maybe if somebody offers you a [insert weird and wonderful name of tea] in future, you could end up uttering the words “Yes, please.” Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

So grab your rucksack (and teapot). The world of tea awaits. I’ll join in a second, just let me finish my wild cherry black tea. 😉


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