What’s your floral?

Springtime is well and truly here and brings with it many gorgeous florals. Possibly a little inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show… Why not add a bit of flower to your tea? Or make your own floral tea?

I have a few firm favourites in the floral department. No, I’m not talking about underwear- get your head out of the gutter!

My first floral love takes me back to a family holiday to Goa, India. I bought my very first bag of rose tea. A little undecided, my first thought was: “It’s very tea-ey.” My loose leaf supply back then probably consisted of merely peppermint and along came rose. It became well acquainted with the the bottom of the cupboard and the floor due to sheer recklessness of not sealing the bag. It really was early days!

Anyhow, if you want an overall fail-safe floral tea, it would have to be Fortnum and Mason’s Rose Pouchong. You don’t have to be a Turkish Delight-muncher to enjoy it! At a cost of £12.50, it may seem like a little on the pricey side but it is worth every penny. My mum literally puts in a Rose Pouchong order if ever I’m within a 1 mile radius of the shop, it’s that good. Plus, the tin. The. Tin.


^ Here it is, in it’s natural habitat


^ and mine.

If you’re a bit more of a DIY-er as far as tea is concerned (or not willing to commit your life savings to buying a specifically floral tea), then this, my tea-loving friends, is floral tea on a budget…

I took a trip to the local market stall and Tiger store on Saturday. These florals are what I came back with… (not the Sweet Williams!)


Add some lavender to your Earl Grey or rose petals to make it a French Earl Grey. NB: Lavender is quite strong so you would only need a few dried lavender petals. Be a bit more generous with rose petals. You can’t really over-brew them.

Marigold petals, well I’m yet to find out what they actually taste like as a standalone tea but interspersed within tea, they sure do look pretty. And pretty helps!

Here’s what happened when I put them all together…


That’s right, a light, floral, drinkable cuppa.

“What time of day would you recommend a floral tea?”, I hear you ask. The perfect time of day would be afternoon or evening. Calming > pick-me-up.

“What would be your perfect floral accompaniment?” Get your floral fix with these lavender or rose petal and Chinese tea shortbread or for a special occasion, try Fortnum and Mason’s violet biscuits!


There really is a world of florals out there and that’s without touching on elderflower, hibiscus, chamomile among many others. We’ll save those for another day. What’s your floral? Please leave comments below.

Yours florally,

Megan Rose (it’s in the name!)


2 thoughts on “What’s your floral?

  1. Sounds yummy to me!! No Fortnum and Masons near me so I’ll definitely be giving the home-made stuff a go! The rose one sounds delicious!


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