I met my matcha

Sometimes there are some tea experiences you can’t help but talk about. Maybe even SHOUT ABOUT. Well, at least that’s how I feel about my weekend tea experience…

It started with an impromptu visit to Bristol, slowly becoming my favourite city in the UK. On Saturday, Katie and Alex who I visited, wanted tea advice on a teapot they had been eyeing up. They sealed the deal in my presence. (No, they didn’t quite marry a teapot!) Here it is in case you’re longing for a sophisticated teapot! You can see our brew below with The English Teashop Lemongrass, ginger and citrus tea for those of you looking for a light, Summery, morning tea.


On Sunday, we ventured down Park Street which, for those unfamiliar with Bristol, is a very pleasant road with lovely shops and sandstone buildings. It links Clifton and the University of Bristol to the town centre. It was on Park Street I met my matcha…

A new teashop called Bluebird Tea Co. stared at me from across the road, calling my name. Well, almost. We were greeted by some cold brew lemonade tasting. Everywhere we looked were samples of some exciting tea blend to try. My personal favourite was the Blue Raspberry which was filled with freeze-dried raspberries and blue pea flowers, served in a cold brew bottle. And the best bit? It really was blue!

Cue Katie and I enjoying our blue raspberry…

me and katie

Then came the matcha. I won’t profess to being a matcha tea guru. Far from it in fact. But this type of tea is unmarked territory for me. Luckily, Bluebird Tea Co. helped me out with that. Their flavoured matcha collection is the first of its kind in the UK. There was a ginger nut matcha sample which tasted perfect for winter’s evening curled up under a blanket. Although the UK’s weather might lend itself to this 90% of the time, I was after a matcha to make me feel like Summer.

I got talking (not like me, eh?) to the super enthusiastic tea mixologist who showed us various matcha flavours. Their bestseller? The Super Matcha with blueberries and acai berries filled with antioxidants. The one her Dad can’t stop drinking after being a solely English Breakfast chap? The Lemon Matcha. The one I fell in love with the moment I saw it? The Orange Matcha.


So much so, we got a little demonstration in the kitchen from said super enthusiastic tea mixologist.

matcha bluebird collage

Here’s me ‘avin’ a good ol’ whisk!


Anyway, it was yum, I purchased and we left after a longer-than-intended pause on Park Street.

Yesterday, I was still on a tea high and couldn’t wait to try out my new matcha starter kit. This included the orange matcha 30g tin, a bamboo whisk, a complimentary “perfect matcha” spoon and a set of instructions.


Then, the fun began…

me matcha making

  1. Add half a teaspoon of matcha or (use your perfect matcha spoon!) into a bowl
  2. Pour 100ml of 80 degrees water. (To most of us, thats taking the kettle off 20 seconds before it’s boiled to its maximum!)
  3. Whisk in the powder in a w shape with a kitchen or bamboo matcha whisk
  4. Carry on until you see it becoming all frothy on top – it doesn’t take long!
  5. Squeeze in some orange juice for extra zing
  6. Top up with more 80 degrees water (or hot or cold milk of your choice)
  7. Enjoy 🙂

Best of all, my friend Sharlene came over to keep me company (and take some pretty pictures). Isn’t she a delight? Follow @starfishboy on Instagram for more where that came from!


At one with my matcha and being silly with orange halves…

Me tea 2

The moral of the story is:

Be teainspired, meet your matcha and drink tea with friends.

Megan Pownall, 2017

Also, pay Bluebird Tea Co. a visit in Bristol, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells or online. They spread happiness with tea!

Have you met your matcha?


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