10 things I like about tea

I’m awake. It’s 02:02 and here I am thinking about tea. It’s been a while, I know that. With trips away, Christmas, New Year and starting a new job the creativity has been somewhat lacking. Tea has been consumed by the dozen behind the scenes (don’t worry). Yet, here I am bursting with the 10 things I like about tea. Just in time for the season of love.

  1. You’ve got a friend in tea

In a world of change, tea is always there. It’s a hug in a mug, quite literally. Through thick and thin. Whether you instagram the shit of it, or hurry it down as a means of hydration. Tea will be there, waiting for you to take a deep breath and a big gulp.


2. Varieteas

There are so, so, so many wonderful varieteas to be had from many a wonderful tea dealer. This is what keeps me going, as I love to try new things. Lucky for us, there are some pretty awesome tea companies keeping us entertained. If you ever feel like you’re in a tea rut, look no further thanย Bluebird Tea Co.



3.ย Tea of life

Tea is survival. We all need to be hydrated and tea makes this necessity that bit more fun. Hot or cold, infused with leaves, herbs or flowers of many descriptions. Has tea saved your life too?



4. Nationaliteas

I am British (surprise!) and over here, tea is almost a way of life. However, there are many other countries in the world where tea is produced and enjoyed. Just by looking at my blog stats- people all over the world are interested in drinking and reading about tea. From China to Morocco, to India, to the US, to South Africa… The list goes on.


5. The connection to nature

There is something very pure about tea and my inner botany nerd surfaces when I think aboutย Camellia sinensis.ย Tea is grown in plantations around the globe, often with very precise crop science. Tea production is also affected by real world issues such as climate change. Check out the work of a research group who study just that.


6. Ceremonial tea drinking

Tea can be enjoyed in many different ways, but there are ceremonial traditions which involve tea such as Japanese matcha ceremonies. This is where you use a special matcha whisk, a bowl and some hot water to blend some green matcha-ry goodness together. It can be a rather cathartic ceremony (even before work!)


7. Teaware

So I may have a slight obsession with lovely teaware. From proper hygge pottery, to exquisite china tea cups, to slogan tea mugs, to flasks, to tea strainers. Lots of unique collectibles within an ever-bulging cupboard full of teaware.


8. Tea just looks good

Okay, I said it. You might disagree and think it’s a big milky mess. A bit beige. Honey, you’ve been drinking the wrong stuff if you think so. There are many fantastic colours of tea to be had. My latest favourite (which I’ve yet to get my paws on) is Bluebird Tea Co. ‘s Black Magic Charcoal Matcha. Black, gorgeous gloopiness.


9. The aroma

My favourite beverage comes in a fruitful array of flavours (see point 2). Good loose leaf tea varieties have some wonderful aromas, both in brew and in raw form. It’s actually become a bit of a hobby of mine to smell teas when frequenting tea shops. Moreover, I speak from my wealth of life experience, that you can smell tea with a cold, which can make you feel human again amidst this January virus season.


10. Tea brings people together

Tea can be a sort of glue which brings people together. I’ve organised many a tea party with friends. Kicked back many a cosy evening in with my mum and a teapot. Caught up with old friends over tea. Met lovely tea shop assistants and bonded over our enthusiasm for tea. Attended lab meetings with blue tea being the central theme. Have you met people through tea? I’d love to know.


Awesome cold brew tea bottle =ย a Bluebird Tea Co. number.

So there you have it… reasoning behind the madness and my unconditional love for tea.

p.s I love tea

p.p.s too many film-related tea puns in this post?





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