I’m Megan, I’m 25 and I love tea!

Hello and a big, hearty welcome to my blog, on the ins and the outs, the likes and the dislikes and the useful and the not so useful advice on… yep, tea.

I’m 25 years of age with approximately 25 years of experience drinking loose leaf tea of varying intensity. Okay, I may not have been drinking tea since I was expelled from the womb but it feels like a long time.

I come from a town called Llandudno which is somewhere in the middle on the most northern coastline of Wales, often a forgotten country making up the United Kingdom. However, I’ve swapped the seaside for woodland and found myself living close to London. Many tea opportunities await.

I’m a dentist come ecologist and when I’m not drinking tea, I can be found reading books on trees, painting with watercolour (trying not to spill my tea), learning about rainforests and dreaming of tea (it hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll let you know when it does!)

Why am I here? My first blog post reveals all.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to write nice or useful things.

Megan xx

p.s Those are Welsh Cakes in the photo and could compliment your cuppa. They can be bought from here or made with this recipe if you’re feeling like Mary Berry.


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