Ha-Pu-erh 1st birthday, Biodiversitea

So yesterday it was the first anniversary of my beloved Biodiversitea blog. I even made a point of writing it in my diary. Still, I forgot. Bad parent. 

It’s been a little while and you know why? Because life has gotten BUSY. Yet I think this bench mark has reminded me that making time to talk about tea is good for me and everybody around me and so the feedback loop continues…

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10 things I like about tea

I’m awake. It’s 02:02 and here I am thinking about tea. It’s been a while, I know that. With trips away, Christmas, New Year and starting a new job the creativity has been somewhat lacking. Tea has been consumed by the dozen behind the scenes (don’t worry). Yet, here I am bursting with the 10 […]

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The Evening Mug – MOTM November

Hello twinkly tea followers!

This is going to be a rather quick one (you may or may not be pleased to know). Do you know why? I’m going to Budapest tomorrow for my Birthday – yippee. My first abroad holiday of 2017 and no doubt the last, it’s been a long time coming, let me tell you. I can’t wait to consume everything mulled at the Christmas markets and get my white bits out at the outdoor baths… Let’s leave that there.

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